Create in a simple way effective Responsive E-mails

Regardless of your email solution, Welkom Editor's E-mail builder allows you to design optimised e-mail messages simply and without technical support.

Démo de Welkom Editor, Email builder ludique et intuitif
Picto Email Builder simple et ludique

The simplest and funniest E-mail builder

User friendly interface and drag & drop

You don’t need any technical knowledge, editing your emails has never been easier! Drag and drop your blocks in one click and then edit the content to customise it.

Ready-to-use templates

Start with a blank page to create your email or save time by selecting our ready-to-use templates to create a quality responsive email in just a few clicks.

+50 reusable content blocks

Unleash your or your teams creativity with our wide range of ready-to-use content blocks. Thanks to the many options available, you can customise your style (colour, background, font, margins…).

Unlimited image storage

All your photos, illustrations and animated gifs are stored in Welkom Editor, so you can easily find all the elements of your different email campaigns.

Unlimited duplication

Save time and duplicate all your content in one click!

Démo de Welkom Editor, l'Editeur d'email collaboratif
Editeur e-mail collaboratif

A collaborative Email Builder

Centralisation of your creations

Centralise and securely store your different Email creations within the Welkom Editor interface. This way, you can keep control of all your messages, even in case of changing your email solution.

Collaborative creation of Emails

Reinforce the collaborative approach in your teams and focus on the performance of the collective intelligence. Welkom Editor allows you to work with several people on the same creation for a better productivity.

User rights management

Reading, writing, edition, administration… Configure the use rights levels adapted to the roles of the people in your team.

Locked blocks & compliance with your charter

Guarantee the compliance with your graphic charter by creating content blocks according to your image. Lock in Welkom Editor the specific elements according to your identity (header with logo, for example), save them in your personal library in order to use them again in a consistent way by the different members of your team.

An expert mode for the geekiest

Go even further with the customisation of your email messages with the expert mode and by providing the most skilled team members with the possibility of directly editing the HTML code.

Your collaborative workflow

Welkom Editor offers you a validation and comment management system for your drafts. Centralise the feedback from the different members of your team on your Email messages and get everyone validate all or some parts of the messages.

Démo de Welkom Editor, l'Editeur d'email collaboratif
Démo de conception d’Emailing Responsive & pro-délivrabilité
Picto Email responsive et pro-délivrabilité

Create in a simple way effective Responsive E-mails

Guaranteed responsive e-mails

Ensure that your e-mail is displayed correctly on the different reading screens. Mobile, desktop or tablet, your content automatically adapts to all types of screens.

Real-time rendering of your creations

You can visualise directly the final rendering of your email messages thanks to Welkom Editor’s optimised WYSIWYG editor.

Your e-mails optimised for deliverability

Easily promote the arrival of your messages. The Welkom Editor email Builder automatically integrates specific HTML encoding inherent to the e-mails and deliverability rules.

Email Rendering/Tests for multiple messaging systems

Check that your e-mail messages are correctly displayed on the different messaging systems (web mails, desktops and mobiles). Welkom Editor, through the Email On Acid service, allows you to preview the rendering on more than 40 different tools.

Sending of integrated Draft

Get your email creations and content validated by the different members of your team. The sending of Draft is instantaneous, unlimited and directly integrated into Welkom-Editor.

Démo de l’Email Builder multi-routeurs Welkom Editor
Email builder multi routeurs

The E-mail builder for multiple email solutions

HTML exports are adapted to all email solutions

In a single click you can export the HTML code and the images of your email to use on your favourite IT solution. The Welkom Editor exports are compatible with all the current email solutions.

Synchronise all your creations with your service provider

Automatically incorporate your email creation into your email solution. Currently available for Dolist technologies (V8 and Campaign), Mailjet and Mailchimp. And very soon, it will be also available for Marketo and Salesforce.

Démo de l’Email Builder multi-routeurs Welkom Editor

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