Welkom Editor, the turnkey Email Responsive Builder

Do you need to build faster high-quality e-mails? Do you want to free yourself from the need of technical skills to design responsive e-mails and optimised deliverability?
Welkom Editor offers you an intuitive and collaborative interface to create and centralise your email creations, regardless of your email solution.

Effective messages without effort

Focus on your strategic goals! Welkom Editor provides you the necessary tools to simply design your email messages and takes care of the technical aspects (responsive, deliverability, email rendering…).

For a collaborative approach

Promote the productivity of your teams by sharing your email creations, a library of content blocks designed according to your image as well as your campaign videos. Provide your employees with access according to their roles and promote your validation process.

Compatible with all email solutions

Welkom Editor creations are compatible with all the current email solutions, whether through exports or automatic synchronisation.

A high-level deliverability expertise

Dolist, a pioneer in terms of deliverability and sender reputation, has set up a service dedicated to the deliverability of its clients’ operations. All its technologies and teams benefit from this know-how, thereby offering its clients the best possible guidance in this area.

French technology and pro-security

The development, servers and client data hosting of Welkom Editor are headquartered in France. In addition, the General IT Security Policy, the intrusion tests and the compliance with the GDPR govern all Dolist technologies, including Welkom Editor.

Beyond technology, human support

More than just a technological service, Welkom Editor relies on Dolist’s production and consulting teams to allow you to outsource the operational development of your email campaigns, challenge your performance or train your teams.

Anti-spam and business ethics

Dolist is committed to the fight against spam since its origins. Dolist has also joined M3AAWG and Signal Spam. Among other pillars of marketing effectiveness promoted by Dolist are the essential respect for its users and their data.

Almost 20 years of experience in digital addressing

Provider of marketing technologies since 2000, Dolist carries in its DNA the development, search & innovation necessaries in the continuous and optimal evolution of its technologies.

Good practices & marketing effectiveness

Dolist shares with you its know-how and good practices to improve your marketing results through conferences, webinars, case studies, blogs, newsletters and white books.

Interface de l'Email builder Welkom Editor

Dolist has allowed us to make a real milestone: now we do E-mail Marketing.
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We appreciate, above all, the technical performance of the tools but also the guidance of the teams to support us.  

With Dolist, I know that my campaigns will be effective.

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