Create in a simple way effective Responsive E-mails

Regardless of your email solution, Welkom Editor's E-mail builder allows you to design optimised e-mail messages simply and without technical support.

Email builder simple et ludique

The simplest and funniest E-mail builder

  • User friendly interface and Drag & Drop
  • Ready-to-use templates
  • +50 reusable content blocks
  • Image edition & storage
  • Unlimited duplication
  • Dynamic content blocks

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Email builder collaboratif

A collaborative Email Builder

  • Centralisation of your creations
  • Collaborative creation of Emails
  • User rights management
  • Locked blocks & compliance with your charter
  • An expert mode for the geekiest
  • Your collaborative workflow

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Email builder responsive et délivrabilité

Create in a simple way effective Responsive E-mails

  • Guaranteed responsive e-mails
  • Real-time rendering of your creations
  • Your e-mails optimised for deliverability
  • Email Rendering/Tests for multiple messaging systems
  • Sending of integrated Draft

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Email builder multi routeurs

The E-mail builder for multiple email solutions

  • HTML exports are adapted to all email solutions
  • Synchronise all your creations with your service provider
  • Compatible with all email sending platforms

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