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in a few clicks

  User friendly interface and Drag & Drop

You don’t need any technical knowledge, editing your emails has never been easier! Drag and drop your blocks in one click and then edit the content to customise it.

  Ready-to-use templates

Start with a blank page to create your email or save time by selecting our ready-to-use templates to create a quality responsive email in just a few clicks.

  +50 reusable content blocks

Unleash your or your teams creativity with our wide range of ready-to-use content blocks. Thanks to the many options available, you can customise your style (colour, background, font, margins…).

Créer des emails facilement

  Image edition & storage

All your photos, illustrations and animated gifs are stored in Welkom Editor, so you can easily find all the elements of your different email campaigns. You can also benefit from an advanced image editor (modification, effects, cropping…) and don’t waste time with other photo editing software.

  Unlimited duplication

Save time and duplicate all your content in one click!

  Dynamic content Blocks

Bring your creations to life! Integrate blocks of animated content into your email messages (e.g., countdown timer, weather forecast for your contacts’ city, etc.).

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